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Sealant, Adhesive & Hotmelt 


Hot Melt Equipment

For all the many and varied types of adhesives and sealants, Contrast has the right pumping or application tool for your operation. Working with leading industry material and equipment manufacturers, we can recommend and supply the equipment that will work to meed your needs at a cost that meets your budget.


We supply spray equipment for thinner, sprayable adhesives and extrusion pumping equipment for the heaviest of sealants and adhesives. If you need to move it or apply it, chances are we have the right set up for you. 


Hot Melt Equipment

Using Hot Melt adhesives in your assembly operations? Contrast provides the latest expertise and equipment moving and applying hot melt adhesives ranging from small tank units to bulk unloader equipment. In addition to equipment we also provide a selection of hot melt adhesives for your production situations.


ITW Dynatec Dynamelt S Series

Dynamelt S Series

About the Dynamelt S Series


  • The S05 Model has a 10 lbs. (5 kgs.) capacity hopper, the S10 Model has a 20 lbs. (10 kgs.) capacity hopper. 
  • Simplified access and maintenance procedures make replacing modular electronics, filters and pumps quick and easy. • Intuitive, easy to read display is repositionable to front or side of unit and shows all system parameters at a glance.
  • Consumes up to 20% less energy and significantly less air than similar competitive units, reducing operating costs.
  • New Nano ceramic hopper coating is 5 times more durable than competitive PTFE coatings to withstand wear.
  • Standard features include 7-Day Scheduler and adhesive level sensor to simplify daily operation. 



ITW Dynatec Dynamini


About the Dynamini:


  • Melt-On-Demand Hopper Grid extends adhesive life and performance
  • Digital Temperature Controller with platinum sensor accuracy available in an electric or pneumatic/electric operating configuration
  • Compact, lightweight full swivel
  • DYNAGUN provides application flexibility
  • 7 year Melt-On-Demand warranty
  • Independent temperature control of the hopper, hose, and hand applicator to permit the precise metering of the adhesive


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