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Electronic Proportioning


Contrast supplies a variety of electronic proportioning units, including Graco’s sophisticated ProMix 2KSProMix 3KS, and ProMix 2kE systems for the precise, automatic mixing and application of plural component paints and coatings. Supplying mixed material on demand reduces concerns over pot life and related changes in material viscosity. On demand mixing also helps eliminate the hazardous waste and cleanup associated with batch mixing.


ProMix® 2KS

ProMix 2KS offers precise and reliable electronic proportioning for a broad range of solventborne, waterborne, and acid catalyzed materials. From entry level to upgraded applications, the ProMix 2KS provides flexibility and increased efficiency.


ProMix 2KS Features:

  • Manual and automatic configurations
  • Intrinsically safe fluid panels allow for integration into hazardous areas
  • Single or multi-color and catalysts
  • Accurate ratio assurance for superior finish quality
  • Simple programming allows fast set up and efficient process control
  • Advanced web interface provides consolidated system management and reporting


ProMix® 2KE

Graco's ProMix 2KE offers an unparalleled balance of features and economy. Choose between pump-based or meter-based plural component systems. Stay on ratio within predefined tolerance limits down to ±1% with the meter version and ±2% with the pump version.


With a user-friendly controller and advanced potlife controls, ProMix 2KE proportioning system offers substantial cost and material savings. If you’re currently hand mixing or using a mechanical proportioner, you may be spending more than you should on wasted material, extra labor and off-ratio re-work costs. The ProMix 2KE reduces these expenses and provides a quick ROI.


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