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Booths, Ovens, Air Make-Up Units



Properly operating booths are a vital part of any finishing process, whether it be for paint, powder, blasting, washing, or stripping coatings. Contrast provides all sizes and types of booths at affordable pricing. We provide standard size booths or custom booths sized to fit your requirements.





Contrast supplies a variety of ovens, including batch and conveyorized, convection and infrared, and burn off ovens. We also provide heaters and other drying equipment to meet any all of your finishing process needs.  


Air Make-Up Units

Air replacement is critical to proper booth operation. Contrast supplies air make-up units (AMU's) specifically sized to meet your air replacement requirements. AMU's can be installed in many configurations, such as stand mounted outdoor, roof-mounted outdoor, booth-mounted indoor and more.





Control Packages

Controls are often overlooked when planning for a new booth installation, but should not be forgotten. Standard, Deluxe, and Custom models are available. Our control packages come with many options including; touch screen interface, data collection, automated air balancing, variable frequency drive control, dirty filter interlock, and more. Whether you need a simple panel, or a PLC (programmable logic controller) based panel, we have what you need.


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